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Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days
Bereaved Parents Awareness Month
Bioterrorism/Disaster Education and Awareness Month
Cell Phone Courtesy Month
Cord Blood Awareness Month
Day of the Knife
Dog Days of Summer Month
Eggplant and Lettuce Month
Eye Injury Prevention Month
Family Golf Month
Family Reunion Month
Fireworks Safety Month
Fragile X Awareness Month
Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month
Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month
Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month
Hitchhiking Month
Independent Retailer Month
International Alopecia Month for Women
International Blondie/Deborah Harry Month
International Group B Strep Awareness Month
International Zine Month
Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month
Mango and Melon Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Baked Bean Month
National Bikini Month
National Black Family Month
National Blueberry Month
National Child-Centered Divorce Month
National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Deli Sandwich Month
National Doghouse Repairs Month
National Grilling Month
National Home Inspector Month
National Honey Month
National Horseradish Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Independent Retailers Month
National Make A Difference to A Child Month
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
National Parks and Recreation Month
National Picnic Month
National Share a Sunset with your Lover Month
National Vacation Rental Month
National Watermelon Month
National Wheelchair Beautification Month
Nectarine and Garlic Month
Read an Almanac Month
Sandwich Generation Month
Self-Care Month
Smart Irrigation Month
Social Wellness Month
Tour de France Month
Unlucky Month for Weddings
UV Safety Month
Wheat Month
Women’s Motorcycle Month
Women With Alopecia Month
World Watermelon Month
Worldwide Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

First Week (July 1-7)

Bean and Bacon Days
Be Nice to New Jersey Week
Freedom From Fear of Speaking Week
Freedom Week
International Chicken Wing Week
National Education Association Month
National Unassisted Home Birth Week
Roswell UFO Days

Second Week (July 8-14)
Creative Maladjustment Week
National Baby Food Week
National Farriers Week
National Therapeutic Recreation Week
National Tom Sawyer Days
Nude Recreation Week
Sports Cliché Week

Third Week (July 15-21)
Captive Nations Week
Comic-Con International
Everybody Deserves a Massage Week
Hemingway Lookalike Days
Hug Week
National Baby Food Week
National Independent Retailers Week
National Make Someone Smile Week
National Moth Week
National Parenting Gifted Children Week
National Rabbit Week
National Ventriloquism Week
National Zookeepers Week
Quilt Odyssey Week
Restless Leg Syndrome Education and Awareness Week

Fourth Week (July 22-28)
Garlic Days
International Massage Week
Moby Dick Week
National Salad Week
National Scrabble Week
World Hackysack Week
World Lumberjack Championships

Fifth Week (July 29-31)
Fancy Rat and Mouse Week
Satchmo Days
Single Working Women’s Week

July 1st
Battle of Gettysburg Started in 1863
Build a Scarecrow Day
Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
Canada Day
Financial Freedom Day
Hop a Park Day
International Cherry Pit Spitting Day
International Day of Cooperatives
International Joke Day
Jean Marsh’s Birthday (1934)
Leslie Caron’s Birthday (1931)
National GSA Employee Day
National Postal Worker Day
Olivia DeHavilland’s Birthday (1916)
Popeye’s Birthday
Princess Diana’s Birthday (1961)
Resolution Renewal Day
Roswell UFO Day
Second Half of the Year Day
US Postage Stamp Day
Zip Code Day

July 2nd
First Zeppelin flew (1900)
I Forgot Day
International Chicken Wing Day
Made in the USA Day
US Army Air Corps Established (1926)
Violin Lovers Day
Visitation of the Virgin Mary
World UFO Day

July 3rd
Air-Conditioning Appreciation Day
Compliment Your Mirror Day
Disobedience Day
Dog Days Begin
Eat Beans Day
Franz Kafka’s Birthday (1883)
George M. Cohan’s Birthday (1878)
International Plastic Bag Free Day
Sandra Lee’s Birthday (1966)
Stay Out of the Sun Day
Superman Day

July 4th
American Independence Day
Boom Box Parade Day
Buffalo Bill Day
Independence From Meat Day
Indivisible Day
International Drive your Studebaker Day
Mitch Miller’s Birthday (1911)
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Birthday (1804)
National Country Music Day
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
Stephen Foster’s Birthday (1826)
Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day

July 5th
Alice in Wonderland Day
Anniversary of the Bikini (1946)
Bikini Day
Build a Scarecrow Day
P.T. Barnum’s Birthday (1810)
Work-a-Holics Day
Work Without Your Hands Day (Spongebob Squarepants)

July 6th
Beer Pong Day
Caribbean Day
Dalai Lama’s Birthday (1935)
First Picture Postcard Made
Fill an Aquarium Day
Frido Kahlo’s Birthday (1907)
George W. Bush’s Birthday (1946)
International Kissing Day
Jennifer Saunders’ Birthday (1958) – Absolutely Fabulous
John Paul Jones’ Birthday (1747)
National Fried Chicken Day
Republican Day
Sebastian Cabot’s Birthday (1918) Family Affair
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

July 7th
Bonza Bottler Day (7/7)
Carver Day
Chocolate Day
Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day
Global Forgiveness Day
International Cherry Pit Spitting Day
International Day of Coopertives
Macaroni Day
Marc Chagall’s Birthday (1887)
National Strawberry Sundae Day
Pierre Cardin’s Birthday (1922)
Tell the Truth Day

July 8th
Bald is In Day
Body Painting Day
Carver Day
Coca Cola Day
Grange Day
Kevin Bacon’s Birthday (1958)
Liberty Bell cracks in 1835 while being rung at John Marshall’s funeral
Math 2.0 Day
Raffi’s Birthday (1948)
Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day
Toby Keith’s Birthday (1961)
Video Games Day
Wolfgang Puck’s Birthday (1949)
Zigfield Follies Day

July 9th
Fred Savage’s Birthday (1976)
International Town Criers Day
Martyrdom of the Bab
National No Bra Day
National Sugar Cookie Day
Rock N Roll Day
Tom Hanks’ Birthday (1956)

July 10th
Clerihew Day
Don’t Step on a Bee Day
Global Energy Independence Day
James Whistler’s Birthday (1834)
Maurice Proust’s Birthday (1871)
Pina Colada Day
Smile Power Day
Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day

July 11th
Bowdler’s Day
Cheer Up the Lonely Day
Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day
Day of the Five Billions
E.B. White’s Birthday (1899)
Georgio Armani’s Birthday (1936)
Make Your Own Sundae Day
National Cheer Up the Lonely Day
National Rainier Cherries Day
Slurpee Day
World Population Day

July 12th
Andrew Wyeth’s Birthday (1917)
Battle of the Boyne
Christine McVie’s Birthday (1943)
Different Colored Eyes Day
George Eastman’s Birthday (1854)
Henry David Thoreau’s Birthday (1817)
Julius Caesar’s Birthday (100 BC)
National Pecan Pie Day
Night of Nights
Oscar Hammerstein’s Birthday (1895)
Paper Bag Day
Pecan Pie Day
Simplicity Day

July 13th
Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
Barn Day
Bison Lovers Day
Collector Car Appreciation Day
Disgruntled Workers Day
Embrace Your Geekness Day
Erno Rubik’s (Rubik’s Cube Inventor) Birthday (1944)
Fool’s Paradise Day
Go West Day
Gruntled Workers Day
Harrison Ford’s Birthday (1942)
International Sister Cities Day
National Beef Tallow Day
National French Fries Day
National Motorcycle Day
Northwest Ordinance Enacted (1787)
Wayne Chicken Day
World Cup Soccer Day

July 14th
Bald is In Day
Bastille Day
Body Piercing Day
Carver Day
Grange Day
Harry Dean Stanton’s Birthday (1926)
International Nude Day
Jane Lynch’s Birthday (1960)
National Macaroni and Cheese Day
Pandemonium Day
Peggy Parish’s Birthday (1927) Amelia Bedelia
Pick Blueberries Day
Robin Hood Day
Shark Awareness Day
William Hanna’s Birthday (1910)
Woody Guthrie’s Birthday (1912)

July 15th
Baby Food Day
Be A Dork Day
Celebration of the Horse Day
Clement C. Moore’s Birthday (1777)
First Boeing 707 Flew (1954)
Gummi Worm Day
Iris Murdoch’s Birthday (1919)
Lake Superior Day
National Give Something Away Day
National Ice Cream Day
National Pet Fire Safety Day
National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day
Rembrandt Van Rijn’s Birthday (1606)
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Birthday (1850) (1st American Saint)
St. Swithin’s Day
Tapioca Pudding Day
Toss Away The Could Haves and Should Haves Day
Winnie the Pooh Day
Woodie Wagon Day

July 16th
Anne Hutchinson Memorial Day
Apollo 11 lifts off on its voyage to the moon (1969)
Fresh Spinach Day
Global Hug Your Kid Day
Guy Laroche (1921)
Hot Dog Night
Michael Flatley’s Birthday (1958)
National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
National Lake Superior Day
National Personal Chef Day
Will Ferrell’s Birthday (1967)
World Snake Day

July 17th
Disneyland Opens (1955)
Farmer’s Almanac Day
Global Hug Your Kids Day
John Jacob Astor’s Birthday (1763)
National Peach Ice Cream Day
Sewing Machine Patented (1790)
World Day for International Criminal Justice
World Emoji Day
Wrong-Way Corrigan Day
Yellow Pig Day

July 18th
Chrysanthemum Day
International Mandela Day
National Caviar Day
National Hot Dog Day
National Sour Candy Day
Nelson Mandela International Day
Sidewalk Frying Days
Steve Forbes’ Birthday (1947)
Take Your Poet to Work

July 19th
Edgar Degas’ Birthday (1834)
Flitch Day
Get to Know Your Customers Day
John Newberry’s Birthday (1713)
Stick Your Tongue Out Day

July 20th
Chess Day
Cormac McCarthy’s Birthday (1933)
Gregor Mendel’s Birthday (1822)
International Cake Day
Moon Day (Armstrong and Aldrin land on moon in 1969)
National Lollipop Day
Sir Edmund Hillary’s Birthday (1919) (first to reach Mt. Everest)
Space Exploration Day
Ugly Truck Day
World Jump Day

July 21st
Celebration of the Horse Day
Don Knotts’ Birthday (1924)
Ernest Hemingway’s Birthday (1899)
Legal Drinking Age Day
Lowest Recorded Temperature Day (-128.6 degrees F-Antartica)
National Bridal Sale Day
National Ice Cream Soda Day
National Junk Food Day
No Pet Store Puppies Day
Robin Hood Day
Robin Williams’ Birthday (1952)
Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day
Woodie Wagon Day

July 22nd
Bobby Sherman’s Birthday (1943)
Casual Pi Day
Fragile X Awareness Day
Hammock Day
Health & Happiness with Hypnosis Day
Lion’s Share Day
National Penuche Fudge Day
Oscar de La Renta’s Birthday (1932)
Parents Day
Pied Piper of Hamelin Day
Spooners Day
Willem Dafoe’s Birthday (1955)

July 23rd
All-American Soap Box Derby Day
Aunties Day
Batman Day
Daniel Radcliffe’s Birthday (1989)
Gorgeous Grandma Day
Hot Enough for Ya Day
Ice Cream Cone Introduced (1904)
Maple Syrup Day
Mosquito Day
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
Parents Day
Slash’s Birthday (1965)

July 24th
Alexander Dumas’ Birthday (1802)
Amelia Earhart’s Birthday (1897)
Cousin’s Day
International Self-Care Day
Marvin the Martian’s Birthday
Mormon Pioneer Day
National Drive-Thru Day
National Tequila Day
National Thermal Engineers Day
Tell an Old Joke Day

July 25th
Buck Moon
Carousel or Merry Go Round Day
Culinarians Day
Hire a Veteran Day
Maxfield Parrish’s Birthday (1870)
Pipe Dreams Day
Red Shoes Day
Threading the Needle Day
Video Games Day

July 26th
All or Nothing Day
Americans with Disabilities Day
Armed Forces Unification Day
Aunts and Uncles Day
Bagelfest Day
Dorothy Hamill’s Birthday (1956)
George Bernard Shaw’s Birthday (1856)
Helen Mirren’s Birthday (1945)
Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday (1973)
Mick Jagger’s Birthday (1943)
National Chili Dog Day
National Intern Day
National Refreshment Day
One Voice
Paddle for Perthes Disease Awareness Day
Sandra Bullock’s Birthday (1964)
Sugar Cane Day
Vivian Vance’s Birthday (1912)

July 27th
Alexander Dumas’ Birthday (1824)
Barbie in a Blender Day
Bugs Bunny’s Birthday
Lumberjack Day
National Get Gnarly Day
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
National Scotch Day
National Talk in an Elevator Day
System Administrator Appreciation Day
Take Your Plants for a Walk Day
Walk on Stilts Day

July 28th
Accountant’s Day
Beatrix Potter’s Birthday (1866)
Buffalo Soldiers Day
Cheese Lovers Day
First Fingerprint Taken
First Telegram Sent
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ Birthday (1929)
National Dance Day
National Day of the Cowboy
National Milk Chocolate Day
National Water Park Day
Peggy Fleming’s Birthday (1948)
Singing Telegram Day
World Hepatitis Day

July 29th
Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary
Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day
Country Music Day
International Chicken Wing Day
International Tiger Day
NASA Anniversary
National Lasagna Day
National Lipstick Day
Rain Day
Tim Gunn’s Birthday (1953)

July 30th
Alton Brown’s Birthday (1962)
Antonio Benedetto Puccini’s Birthday (1747)
Capital Hill Day
Cheesecake Day
Deviled Eggs Day
Emily Bronte’s Birthday (1818)
Father-in-Law Day
Henry Ford’s Birthday (1863)
International Day of Friendship
National Avocado Day
National Chicken and Waffles Day
National Support of Public Education Day
Paddle for Perthes Awareness Disease
Paperback Book Day
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

July 31st
Cotton Candy Day
First US Patent Issued – Granted to Samuel Hopkins in 1790
J.K. Rowling’s Birthday (1965)
Milton Friedman’s Birthday (1912)
National Bratwurst Day
National Mutts Day
Robert Kimmel Smith’s Birthday (1930)
Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day
World Ranger Day