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Celebrating 10 Years as a Demo!

People ask me, “Why did you become a demonstrator?”  Originally, it was to get a discount on all the stamps and supplies I was buying.  Well, that was one reason.  As I met people, I began realizing I touch their lives.  Let me explain…


When I started, I never thought I was going to do workshops.  I was terrified of the entire speaking in public genre.  However, even before I received my Starter Kit, I had already volunteered to do a stamping booth at our school’s fish fry.  My family was somewhat new to our school with our first child just in K-4.  This little fish fry exposure led to a few new opportunities.  I held my first workshop in my home with friends and family.  I was surprised at how the excitement rubbed off on everyone around me.  It was wonderful to see people who had never stamped before trying it out, learning about it, and loving it.  I became a teacher.


Making samples for myself, I learned lots of new techniques, styles, and formats.  I tried all sorts of new mediums.  I spent hours working with my tools and creating items.  I became an artist.


I began marketing my new business in all sorts of venues.  I stamped nearly everything that left my home (including bills and checks).  I sent more cards for more occasions.  I met people at school, at rummage sales, in the grocery store, and online.  I became a stamping ambassador.


I joined demonstrator email groups.  I enjoyed the helpful hints and tips I got from the lists.  I began sharing those hints and tips with other new demonstrators as well.  Then I even had one customer become a recruit!!!!  I became a mentor.


I planned my first Open House and invited everyone I could.  I showed them as many ideas as I could and let them make many things.  I enjoyed myself very much.  Judging by the laughter and busy chatting, I am guessing they all enjoyed themselves as well.  I placed the orders, and when they were delivered, I carefully packed them up for my customers.  I am a one-stop stamp store with the best customer service ever!


After that Open House, I began to get bookings.  I held several workshops,  developed a good script, and became more comfortable and organized.  I made sure to mention all the things I had to mention.  I closed the workshops and had the best month I’d ever had.  I became a business woman.


Knowing how much my customers loved looking at my samples, I began searching for ways to share my projects and cards with them easily.  I stumbled upon a geocities site and found a fantastic and easy way to showcase my love of stamping.  I became a webmaster.


I began to offer Stamp Camps and Stamp Classes, and customers kept coming and bringing new people.  Many of these customers continue to be my best PR department.  You cannot know how much it means to me when someone new calls or emails me asking if they can attend “because my friend always tells them how much fun they have at your events.”  I offer my stampers a night of fun and relaxation (well, making that perfect card can sometimes be stressful).  They leave whatever situation or problem they dealt with at work or home to come and be pampered.  When I have customers email me the day after an event and tell me how much fun they had, sometimes I think all I should say is “That’s my job.”  But I have realized that I don’t just sell stamps…I touch people’s lives by giving them something they can use to keep busy, to save money, to feed their creativity, and to touch other people’s lives. 


When you ask me what I do, I should reply…I am a teacher, an artist, a stamping ambassador, a mentor, a one-stop stamp store, a business woman, a webmaster, and I touch people’s lives every day, in a very special way…I am a Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrator.


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Posted on : Oct 01 2010
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Oct 2, 2010 - 03:10:47
Joan Krebs said:

Congratulations Jane on 10 successful years. You are also an inspiration to many of us who have not taken stamping to your high level, but we still love the process of creating and learning from others such as you!
Happy Anniversary and wishes for much continued success!

Oct 9, 2010 - 11:10:17
Sharon Reid said:

I absolutely loved reading this blog entry! I am a new demonstrator and am just starting out. I have not had a workshop yet, but I am planning to do a few holiday classes. Reading this gave me such a positive reinforcement of what I hope to be doing in the future. I LOVE to stamp and create and hope that I can help others to find the creative part of them.