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Stampin’ Up! Undefined Stamp Carving Kit and Green Bay Packer Mashup

I am so stinking excited about sharing this project.  Stampin’ Up! just introduced the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit at convention this year.  Super cool, I thought.  Watching the company videos, surfing the internet and especially Pinterest, I thought I was ready to jump into my kit when it arrived a few weeks ago.


However, like many crafters, sometimes our ideas are lacking or our nerves overtake us.  I was petrified to make that first design, and even procrastinated more than normal to take it out of the box.  I spent one afternoon making all sorts of doodles – and really only a few were worthy of the scrap paper they were on.

I really wanted to show my downline and my customers how this system could open up new worlds for us.  We wouldn’t have to wait for our very favorite stamp company to create the special words or images we hold dear.  They do an awesome job to be sure, but sometimes they just can’t cater to our individual whims.

I gave it an afternoon to mull over, and then I decided I would search clip art images in my archives that might jumpstart my creativity.  It helped, but I also wanted to get going quickly.  So I just printed off a few images (and played with their image size) to get me started.  Luckily, I had to start supper for my family, so I could procrastinate AGAIN.

Later that evening, I pulled out my materials on the kitchen table, and my husband mentioned he made his own stamps in grade school.  Ok, we’ve been married for more than 20 years, and I’ve been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for 13 of those years, and he never shared this with me before.  Hmm, I thought.  He can HELP me.  I asked him in my very nicest voice, and he must have sensed my fear.  He put aside his work and started looking over the system.  The Green Bay Packer logo looked easiest so I colored it in with the pencil, transferred the image, and then my husband started carving.  Within 10 minutes, he was done – even with my very watchful eyes scrutinizing every move.

Here’s the stamp design –

Stampin' Up! Undefined Stamp Carving Set Packer G


Here’s the first card I made tonight (the Packers are playing the St. Louis Rams tonight in preseason football):

Stampin' Up! Undefined Hand-Carved Stamp Packer G

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